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School Dress Code

All students must come dressed neatly and appropriately. A student should be attired and groomed in such a way as to reflect credit to himself, his family, community standards, and his school. Just as later in life many job and social functions require appropriate dress, there is an appropriate way to dress for school.

Any form of dress or hairstyle which is considered contrary to good hygiene or which is distracting or disruptive in appearance and detrimental to the educational mission of the school will not be permitted.

Clothing should be clean. Holes or rips must be at the knee or below.

Clothing or buttons advertising alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs, as well as clothing or buttons with obscene, offensive, inappropriate, suggestive, or questionable printing on them will not be permitted. Garments with rings, grommets, decorative zippers, or any garment that could damage school property may not be worn to school.

Undergarments must not be exposed.

In general, hats, sunglasses, visors, bandanna hats, head coverings of any kind, etc., are not to be worn in the building.

Footwear must always be worn. “Flip-flop” shoes are not allowed, and sandals could be very dangerous.

No clothing may be worn which shows parts of the body not normally seen. Clothing must be worn at waist level and must completely cover underwear and must be worn so that the midriff is not exposed.

No shirts with “spaghetti straps” or halter tops or tank tops should be worn unless there is another shirt covering them. “Halter” tops, bare midriff blouses, slippers, pajama-type clothing, and pants worn low are inappropriate school wear.

Shorts must be of proper length; no “gym” shorts or “short” shorts.

During cold weather students should come dressed warmly enough to spend recess outdoors. Items normally worn as "outdoor clothing" such as coats are not to be worn in the classroom unless permission is granted by the administration.

Hats are to be removed when in the building. When hats are worn outside or anywhere on school property or school transportation, they are to be worn properly with the "bill" facing forward.

No items may be worn which could create a health or safety hazard (metal heel plates, spike shoes, shoes with skates, safety pins, or long earrings). Any item that includes a heavy chain, spiked bracelet, or spiked necklace is forbidden. Visible piercings are permitted in the ear only.

No policy can address all situations.

***The administration will make the final determination whether or not the dress or appearance meets these criteria:

1) Community Standards,

2) Disruption to the educational mission